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land lease

If you have land available for a Solar Farm development then PfalzSolar are the correct partner for you.We evaluate the suitability of the land and the availability of electrical grid connection without any cost to you. Upon entering into a lease agreement PfalzSolar are responsible for all aspects of the developmentplanning permission, grid connection, financing and construction.We offer competitive market conditions for a 25 year lease and have the in-house resources to develop, finance, construct and maintain the Solar Farm.


proven expertise

PfalzSolar has over 12 years of construction expertise for solar farms. Our in-house design engineers ensure that the solar farm complies with all safety and environmental requirements. We apply high quality technological standards to ensure the optimal long term performance of our Solar Farms.


optimal performance

Solar Farms have no moving parts and create no emissions or noise - it is possible to graze animals on the land when the plant is operating. The real time monitoring is carried out online at our control station in Ludwigshafen this enables us to identify faults at an early stage. Due to our system design most repairs can be carried out with local partners without delay. PfalzSolar build every Solar Farm to optimise electrical production.


landowner's options

Once the contract ends you may choose between various options: Extend or terminate the lease, or even take over the PV-plant. The Solar Farm will still be generating at 80% of it’s initial capacity - so this income along with the value of the equipment and the grid connection could be a windfall benefit for you and your children. At the end of the lease we commit to restore your land to the original state after decommissioning.