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Rhineland-PalatinatePioneer project from 2003

The Solar Farm in Neustadt/Weinstraße built in 2003 was at this time a showcase project for large scale facility construction with 2 MWp of nominal output. The Solar Farm consists of seven parts with a capacity of 287 kWp each. Five of them were sold to a unit trust fund and are now owned by citizens living in the region. The remaining two parts of the plant are still owned and operated by PfalzSolar.

  • Capacity: 2,0 MWp
  • Commissioning: 2003
  • Modules: Schott Solar 285W
  • Inverters: SMA Sunny Central SC-250
  • Annual CO2 Saving: 864 Tonnes
  • Homes Powered: 531 Homes
  • Output: 1,755,000 kWh/year

military airfieldBrownfield project

Built on a former military airfield and gravel mining area in Nobitz in Thuringia (near Altenburg), this Solar Farm can supply the annual power demand of approx. 4.000 households.

PfalzSolar provided all services during the project – from the approval process to the construction, in addition to project financing as well as the operation and monitoring of the Solar Farm.

  • Capacity: 12.1 MWp
  • Commissioning: 2012
  • Modules: First Solar FS-380/385
  • Inverters: Power One PVI-Central-330.0-TL
  • Annual CO2 Saving: 5615 Tonnes
  • Homes Powered: 3454 Homes
  • Output: 11,400,000 kWh/a

Rhineland-PalatinateLandfill project

The Solar Farm was built on a landfill site for construction waste in Rhineland-Palatinate. The Solar Farm illustrates that high quality standards and economic viability can still be achieved – notwithstanding decreasing feed-in tariffs. The Solar Farm was sold to an investor in the form of a share deal. The project rights are held by a dedicated project company.

  • Capacity: 3,31 MWp
  • Commissioning : 06/2014
  • Modules: ReneSola Virtus® II Module 255 Wp
  • Inverters: Samil Power 17000 TL
  • Annual CO2 Saving: 1764 Tonnes
  • Homes Powered: 1085 Homes
  • Output: 3.582.000 kWh/year

Tiln Farm,
Nottinghamshire, UK1st development project in the UK

The Solar Farm ”Tiln Farm“ with a capacity of ca. 9,85 Megawatt situated in Nottinghamshire (ca.35 km east of Sheffield) is currently being developed and built by PfalzSolar.

The project is to be commissioned in February 2015 with ROC accreditation in March 2015 qualifying for 1.4 ROCs. The project rights are held in a dedicated project company registered in the UK.

  • Capacity: 9,85 MWp
  • Commissioning: 02/2015
  • Modules: REC 260 PE
  • Inverters: Sungrow SG 30KTL
  • Annual CO2 Saving: 4666 Tonnes
  • Homes Powered: 2870 Homes
  • Output: 9.473.000 kWh/year