a profitable journey through leasing your land for solar farming

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Solar Farm
Maintaining the Land
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There are many companies in the UK market offering to develop solar PV farms on landowner’s properties – so what is different with PfalzSolar?

We are a wholly owned subsidiary of a german multi-utility based in Rheinland – Pfalz.

Our parent company is 75% owned by the local municipalities and has been in business for over a 100 years.This background gives us a business culture of longevity and reliability - as well as a strong financial background.

In a market where companies come and go our goal is to be


We have over a decades experience building utility scale solar PV farms and have learnt how to optimise our designs to provide maximum electrical production combined with ease of maintenance. We provide a complete range of services including project development, planning, electrical design, project financing, construction and maintenance.

We are bound to act as a fair partner as we have a proud reputation to uphold which is more than a century in the making.

We are your reliable experienced partner for the long term .

That’s the difference….